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                                                                                                was unofficially founded in 2008 based upon the belief that we are all living a life that reflects our individual mentality. Any success or downfall we experience,  whether personal or professional, the same rules apply at almost all times.  All of our actions have to be thought before carried out, meaning the results are ultimately achieved within the mind. Developing specific logical goals is the primary step toward successfully executing a logical plan to manifest mentality into reality. Mentalitee Inc provides services that yield desired outcomes in order to aid in the success of visionaries seeking creative guidance and thoughtfully unique solutions to common issues.


Mentalitee Inc has worked the last 14 years to create efficient and effective plans of action for several businesses and individuals to attain a wide variety of accomplishments. Much of the work history has been in project management and various creative roles. Many years of working in the creative space has provided several opportunities for growth in graphic design, artistic direction, as well as visual planning. Aesthetics management has also been a thriving area for the company with many projects completed in wardrobe styling and image consulting and coordinating. 

Project management work has allowed for an array of knowledge and experience across many aspects of project completion. It is said that a great manager can perform most, if not all, tasks a project requires and that is the approach we have taken when asked to deliver. Project management has sharpened research, planning, drafting and budgeting skills. Additionally, years of invaluable experience in the California cannabis industry provided the opportunity to cultivate strong management capabilities along with a skillful ability for brand development, marketing and promotions, public relations and customer service.

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