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The Gumbowlery is a custom dining establishment with seasonal house offerings. What's special about The Gumbowlery is that our focus is gumbo. Gumbo is more than just an appetizer, it's our main course feature. While we do offer other creole favorites (etoufee, jambalaya, etc.), our gumbo is what will quickly make The Gumbowlery a preferred dining destination. 

The build-your-own model has proven to work for many different cuisine types and we are more than confident that our authentic recipes and unique ingredient menu will make The Gumbowlery a success. 

While keeping the classic gumbo recipes (seafood, chicken & sausage) we will add contemporary takes such as veggie, keto, and gluten free. 

Step 1: Choose your base: rice, jasmine, basmati, brown, wild, cauliflower

Step 2: Choose your Ingredients

Step 3: Choose your gravy: traditional, seafood free, vegan, 

Ingredient list (including seasonal and limited availability options):

shrimp - light chicken - dark chicken - chicken sausage - jalapeno sausage - scallops - crawfish - lobster - crab cluster - crab meat - oysters - calamari - octopus - oxtail - cubed filet - bacon - stew beef - turkey neck - hamhock - turkey sausage - vegan sausage - okra - potato - zucchini - tomato - corn - black eyed pea - bean medley - broccoli - cauliflower - carrots - celery - spinach - 

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