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CANNARISTOS is a dining establishment that features cannabis infused menu items. The infused foods market is growing rapidly due to an increasing number of consumers preferring to ingest cannabis instead of smoking it. We see this preference for "cleaner" consumption as an indication that many consumers have more sophisticated tastes. Now that some cannabis related stigma is subsiding, consumers are choosing to incorporate cannabis with progressive lifestyle practices. We are more than confident that our unique recipe menu and elevated casual dining atmosphere will make CANNARISTOS a success. 

What's special about CANNARISTOS is that we deliver an innovative dining experience that continues to challenge the image cannabis users have been given. We accomplish this by normalizing cannabis consumption in the same way alcoholic consumption has been. Our food and service are what will quickly make CANNARISTOS a preferred dining destination. In addition to cannabis infused foods, we will offer infused cocktails and feature a gift shop for guests to shop curated merchandise. Patrons may also request on-site custom processing and catering services.


The menu will feature selections from several cuisines to ensure we have something for everyone. 

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